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You may get a call from the genuine NHS Test and Trace number 0300 013 5000 but how do you know it is genuine?
Scammers are able to make their calls appear to come from any number. Scammers may say you have to pay for a home Covid test.  Scammers may say “You know you must not give out your bank details and we are not asking for them. Go to this link and to fill details of who you have been in contact with.” It may look genuine but it is a fishing link. Scammers may ask you to download something to send data to the NHS. Once they are in your computer you are in trouble.
If you do not feel comfortable talking on the phone, or suspect the call to be a scam, you can ask  for an email or a text that will invite you to use the Test and Trace web site instead.
From this you should be directed only to this web address:

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